January 6, 2018

After much success with 小時光 (English name: Scoool), the Kwun Tong industrial factory has expanded to the Tsim Sha Tsui area with a new restaurant called 小食糖 (English name: Littlescoool).

Located in  Miraplace, it's a small little corner restaurant. The decor was like a school and it seemed like the Kwun Tong restaurant named 小時光 (English name: Scoool) but not as detailed.  The menu was similar as well.




The menu is in Chinese only. There is no 10% service charge. What they serve are sets which include both rice and noodle dishes. They also have drinks and snacks. Ordering is at the cashier where you also pay. They will bring the food to you when ready.

I had the beef brisket noodles ($68) along with a passion fruit tea. Just like the Kwun Tong branch, this  came served in a cute school like manner. The chopsticks were like pencils. The drink was in an Erlenmeyer flask and beaker.





The set came with two appetizers. These were actually quite horrible. The one on the left was supposed to be pickled papaya. It didn't taste pickled and it melted away the minute it hit our tongues. My friend feared it might have gone bad. We left this untouched.





The  noodles fared better. The noodles were chewy and not over cooked. The beef was soft and tender. The soup was not too strong but tasted ok.




The drink was served in a cute way and it was fairly sweet. It tasted pretty good and was refreshing.





Other than the appetizer, the food was fine. Though compared to the Kwun Tong branch, the food here isn't as good. Plus, the design of the Kwun Tong looked more like a school than this one. Perhaps due to lack of space? But it was ok anyways and would probably return if I didn't know what to eat in Tsim Sha Tsui.


Rating: ★★★☆☆


Littlescoool 小食糖

Address: Shop 206, 2/F, Mira Place One, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


Service Charge: No

English Menu: No


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