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snoopy museum tokyo

The only site seeing I did this on this trip was the Snoopy Museum Tokyo. The museum was a for a limited time and it ends September 30, 2018. Thus, I had to go! Located in Roppongi Hills, it's a 10 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station (exit 3) or Tokyo Metro Azabujuban Station (exit 7). I suggest going out from Roppongi Station because when if you go from Azabujuban Station, there is an extremely steep hill upwards to get there. I did the Azabujuban route and woah ... the breakfast I had was all gone by the time I got there!

Ticket price is ¥2000. But if you purchase in advance, it's only ¥1800. Links to purchase online are found on the official website. I chose the Japanican link as it was in English. It was pretty convenient and you just print the voucher and bring it with you to the museum. There they will exchange it for a ticket and in you go! With the Japanican link, you can enter at any time. There is no scheduled time slot unlike the one for the Japanese. I arrived at 10 AM when it opened and was finished the entire thing in about 2 hours (this included exhibition, gift shop and cafe). Entering the cafe and gift shop are for museum visitors only.

The ticket has a comic printed on the back. When I came, it was the final exhibition. The theme was "Friendship". Entering the museum, you watch a short animation about Charlie Brown and his friends. The exhibition is a showcase of each pair of friends and a few accompanying comic strips. There is a lot of reading to be done! And when you finish, there is another short animation. It's super cute and definitely for fans.

There is gift shop called Brown's Shop. And OMG ... everything was SUPER cute. They had all sorts of items. Some items had a quantity limit per person. When you purchase those items, they will make a stamp on your ticket so you can't return back after slipping to the washroom and buy more.

Of course, I also had to eat at Cafe Blanket, the museum restaurant. The restaurant was decorated with a few Peanuts characters.

Menu was their version of American food. You get things like hot dogs and sandwiches. Pancakes and milkshakes.

The utensils and napkins all had the Cafe Blanket logos on it. I saw some people pocket the napkins to keep.

When your drink arrives, they provide you with a coaster separately so you can keep it as a souvenir.

The only downside of solo travelling is I can't eat more things from the menu. So, I ended up only ordering Warm Puppy Select along with a drink for ¥1780. It was cutely served in a dog dish and included an awesome warmly toasted chicken salad sandwich, fries and mini corn dogs. The corn dogs weren't that good as they used those mini Japanese sausages and the coating was super sweet. However, the sandwich was amazing. The fries came with peanut butter for dipping. I thought this was too weird for me and I didn't like it. I wish they had ketchup at that moment. But I assume they were going with the Peanuts comic theme so peanut butter it was!

For those that want to have a light snack, they have a food truck outside.

Menu is mostly snack items. The only item I was interested in was the ice cream sandwich and it was not available when I was there.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Address : Roppongi 5-6-20, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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