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solo travel to tokyo

From a whim, I decided to go to Tokyo. A very short four day trip by myself to shop and eat. I've been to Tokyo a lot (a total of four times now) and I don't even go to the tourist sites any longer. Thus, my posts will not provide tourist travel tips. I'll only provide information on where I ate on this trip.

Now, you may wonder, how can I go travelling on my own? Is it safe? I feel Japan is probably one of the safest places to travel. But as a female, you still do not want to be stupid. Japan is fairly safe. I've found that the perverts and sketchy people ignore foreigners as they do not want to invite any hassle that might follow. Thus, why I generally choose to live in Shinjuku. Why? Shinjuku has people around 24 hours a day. To me, I feel if places are not quiet, it's safe. It's also near a major JR station and several metro lines are located so transportation any where is convenient.

This trip, I decided to stay at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. Located in the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku (heart of the red light district), it was a five minute walk to the JR station and 3 minutes to the nearest metro line. Nicknamed by the locals as the Godzilla Hotel, you can spot the hotel once you cross the street as Godzilla is peeking out from the roof top.

hotel gracery

Entering the hotel, you are greeted with the beast itself, tearing apart the buildings. There are a wall of all the Godzilla movie posters. There was even a tiny gift shop selling Godzilla items (that you can also buy at the 7-11 downstairs).

They have an observation deck that is open during the day for hotel guests to get up close to Godzilla's head. This also roars every hour during the day if you want to check that out.

Another reason I chose this hotel is that it offers a women's only floor. I was curious. What was this about? Access to the floor was accessed only by swiping your hotel card key. Pressing the button does nothing. As it was a women's only floor, they included female related products like a foot massager and Panasonic face steamer (to open those pores, ladies!) There was a set of pajamas for me to use and a series of female related toiletries. Things like face mask sheets, make up remover, facial clenser and moisturizer. Bath salts! Even a hair band! I literally didn't need to bring anything!

But the best of all! A free mobile phone to use! A phone that provided local and international calls for free! But the best of all! Free unlimited data! It had Google maps installed and that's all I needed to find my way around!

The only thing I didn't like about the hotel was the room wifi. It was really weak and kept breaking every so often. For this class of hotel, I expected better. It works great in the lobby. No wonder so many people were hanging there late at night.

After this trip, I'd probably stay here again. Or search for other hotels that offer women's only floors. But enough of this. Onto what I ate!

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