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eight treasures

八寶煮意 (English name : Eight Treasures) is a restaurant that serves beef brisket. But not just any beef brisket. Their soup base has Chinese herbal medicine added especially dong quai, a herbal medicine that is supposed have health benefits for women especially during menstruation. Originally, this restaurant was in Hung Hom. But for some reason, it closed and moved to Tin Hau. Curious, boyfriend and I went to give it a try. Why was this place so special? The place is actually a decent size with very spacious seating. Menu is in English and Chinese. There are no sets and no 10% service charge. They offer soup noodles, dry noodles and curry rice. All with beef brisket. They offer four types of beef brisket. Or at least what part they used. For those unsure, they have an explanation on the back of the menu.

brisket explanation

I ordered the "hang nam" brisket ($78). This is the lower part of the brisket that is connected to the rib bones.

hang nam brisket

It has both lean and fat meat. The brisket was tender and literally fell apart from the tenderness. The brisket was fantastic. The soup was a bit of disappointment. At first sip, I could taste the herbal dong quai taste. But after a while, it disappeared. I couldn't taste it again. I wasn't sure why. It wasn't as strong as I would have expected. So, I was a bit disappointed.

close up of the brisket

Boyfriend ordered the "bun-sa nam" brisket ($78). This is near the chest bone area.

bun sa nam brisket

This had parts of the tendon still attached to the meat. So, if you like tendon, this is for you. I thought it was great as the tendon had that nice gummy texture I love so much.

close up of the brisket

The brisket was fantastic. But at $78 a bowl and not a big bowl at that, I think there are far better places in Hong Kong for this. The soup wasn't that great. I don't think I'd really be back.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Eight Treasures 八寶煮意

Address: G/F, Wing Wah Building, 124 Electric Road, Tin Hau

Service Charge: No

English Menu: Yes

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