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wing it!

I love chicken wings. Whenever there I go to a barbeque, I just dive in the wings. Whenever I eat out and I want a snack, wings are always what catches my eye. So when a new place called Wing It opened in Causeway Bay, I was interested.

Needing an after work snack, I came here. Located in the Haven Street area of Causesway Bay, is a small yet brightly yellow restaurant. They had taken over the old Iconic H shop and thus the layout was the same except for the new color change.

store front

Menu is simple and in English only. There is no 10% service charge. Four wings for $40. Eight for $75. You can choose original or crispy or a combination of both. If you take away, you can only choose one sauce or one flavor if you choose four wings. For eight, you can choose two flavors or two sauces. However, if you dine in, you get to use all the flavors and sauces except for Parmesan truffle and cheddar cheese. PLUS you get a $5 discount! But I saw this was a soft opening promo so I'm unsure how long this will last. I did note they had a combo of drink plus fries. But why isn't there a combo for wings?

All the sauces and flavors are laid out on the counter.

all the sauces

I ordered both original (on the right) and crispy (on the left). As the wings are made to order, there is a bit of a wait time but they are also piping hot. They provide a wet towelette for you as there are no eating utensils. Just use your hands! Which was a bit difficult as the wings were super hot and burnt my fingers! The wings were cooked well. Super moist and juicy. The coating was nice with a bit of seasoning. Wings were not the big Brazilian kind. I tried the sauces and flavors. Just to note: cinnamon sugar is weird on chicken so no on that one. 8 Spice powder was my favorite. But the BBQ sauce was excellent. My favorite was the sweet garlic.


Great that there is a wings only place. Would I be back? Probably when I need a craving. Or when McDonald's is not doing their $10 wings that include a drink deal.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Wing It!

Address: Shop 3, G/F, Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Website: none available

Service Charge: No

English Menu: Yes

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