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After dinner, boyfriend, his sister and I came to Grace Dessert House as it seemed cute and we're always up for dessert. There seemed to be a fare number of people who lived nearby dining there so we gave it a try. Menu was in Chinese and partial English. There is no 10% service charge. They had pancakes and waffles along with Chinese desserts. And if you add $8, you can get a drink.

Steamed Milk in Coconut ($48). Boyfriend ordered this as he always wants anything coconut. It was sadly flavorless. You could hardly taste any milk flavor in the custard. It was so bland. How strange?

Crispy Waffle with Red Bean and Matcha Ice Cream ($52). His sister ordered this. The waffles were ok. Nice and crispy. But what was with the red bean paste? It wasn't even a paste. Just roughly boiled and not even mashed. It was still a bit raw tasting. The red bean was laid to waste.

Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea ($8). She ordered this as well and it taste like matcha powder mixed with milk. It still tasted powdery.

Creme Brulee on Toast ($58). This is what I ordered and I came last. Pretty much they were all finished eating before mine came. It sure looked impressive. The toast was ok but was more on the crispy side than the fluffy side. The worst was the creme brulee. It actually was a vanilla pudding that was caramelized on top and stuck in the middle and tasted horribly jello-like.

Peach Tea ($8). My drink was so sweet it was like drinking a glass full of sugar. It was so sweet, I couldn't even taste any peach let alone tea flavor.

There are far better dessert places in the area so I really wouldn't be back. They really tried but the desserts weren't that good. Don't bother adding $8 for the drink. it really isn't worth it.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Grace Dessert House

Address: Shop B, G/F, 55 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District


Service Charge: No

English Menu: Yes

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