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blue elephant thai brasserie

High tea is something I love. I love it a lot. But it's so hard to find someone to go with me. I discovered that Blue Elephant Thai Brasserie offered a high tea set for two at $168 and I somehow got boyfriend to go with me. Blue Elephant Thai Brasserie is located in Harbor City, Tsim Sha Tsui. Offering modern Thai food, I was a bit surprised they had a high tea set until I read the past review. The tea set costs $168 and includes a basic coffee or tea. There are no options to upgrade to another drink which I thought was a bit odd. I don't understand why you can't add money for something else? Not very flexible considering other places offer this option.

If you don't want the high tea set or if you're alone, you can get the regular afternoon tea menu which include both sweet and savory dishes. But here you can upgrade to another drink if you don't want the set drink.

So, instead of a latte, my coffee of choice, I was only able to have regular coffee. It was Movenpick coffee so it was completely fine beans. I loved the little blue elephant that held the sugar.


Then our tea set came in a half bird cage. OH PRETTY!!! There were three layers. Bottom layer: crispy prawn cake, Thai spring roll, Thai Brasseire croquette and betal leaf wrapped pomelo crab meat salad. Middle layer: tiramisu cup and ma hor. Top layer: mixed royal Thai dumpling, Thai spicy chocolate cake and pandanus tart.

tea set for two

Let's break it down. Thai brasserie croquette was pretty much a prawn cake. It was crispy and had a lot of shrimp meat. But was it ever oily. It was dripping in oil.

brassiere croquette

Betal leaf wrapped pomelo crab meat salad was a cute little bundle. It was a bit like a Thai pomelo salad with the bit of tart taste of the pomelo and some spicy flavor. But not too spicy to not taste the freshness of the crab.

Thai spring roll was pretty good. The wrapping was crunchy. The filling was packed with a savory pork.

thai spring roll

Crispy prawn cake was in a dish of a sweet and spicy sauce for dipping. It was cute as it was small little prawn cake that still had the tail of the prawn on it so it was like a mini shrimp. The sauce was a bit spicy but went well with the cake.

prawn cake

Quite frankly, I don't know what a ma hor is. I'm really quite unknowledgeable about Thai food. So, a ma hor is also known as a Galloping Horses and is a typical appetizer and named after the King's horsemanship. It's basically a mix of minced pork meat and peanuts and laid on top of a slice of pineapple. It was a bit odd and I wasn't sure if this is what it's supposed to taste like. It was a bit like mincemeat pie without the pie crust. Honestly, I didn't like it.

Tiramisu cup was just all marscapone cream with coco. I think it could have done with a bit of biscuit or something to give it texture because this was horrible. It was just scooping cream. One of the many reasons why I hate so many places that serve tiramisu in Hong Kong.

tiramisu cup

Mix royal Thai dumplings were super cute. Usually they look like flowers but here they made them look like birds. There were two of them: a blue and a white one but both had the same filling.

royal thai dumplings

Inside was a mix of chicken meat and various seeds so it tasted a bit grainy. It was interesting the say the least. I had never had something like this before. I am wondering also if the wrapping is suppose to be this thick? This made it feel gummy in texture.

inside the dumpling

Thai spicy chocolate cake was super spicy. I've had Mexican chocolate before where it is also a bit spicy. But it was more like a kick and went away. This lingered and just stayed with you. It was pretty spicy.

thai spicy chocolate cake

Pandanus tart was nice. The shortcrust pastry was crumbly and buttery. The filling had a strong pandan taste. It was topped with a pandan shortbread biscuit.

pandanus tart

For this price, it was not expensive for a tea set. Definitely different than the usual ones where you get the scones, sandwiches and cake. So, if you're bored of the same old high tea, this is definitely a step in a different direction. But perhaps I wasn't much of a fan so I really didn't love it at all. Sad, really as it did look pretty.

Added note: I later found out that this restaurant is not officially linked to the real Blue Elephant Restaurant as they state this on their website. You can read about it here.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Blue Elephant Thai Brasserie

Address: Shop B, G/F, 6 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay

Service Charge: Yes

English Menu: Yes

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