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baikohken ramen

I have a friend who thinks ramen is just overpriced instant noodles. I was horrified by this remark as I love ramen. I love the rich broth. The chewy noodles. The luscious egg. The melt in your mouth char siu. Yes, I love ramen and I'm always on the look out for new ramen restaurants that open up on Hong Kong. A new ramen place has opened up in Tang Lung Street .... or what most like to call it "Ramen Street" as there are already five ramen restaurants in that small little side street. Called 梅光軒 (English name: Baikohken Ramen), it hails from Hoikkaido and has even plastered the Michelin logo on it as it's a Michelin recommended restaurant in Japan. Intrigued, I went to go try it out.


The place is small and is located in the old Lobster Central location. In fact, they didn't even bother to renovate much. The layout is the same.

Ordering is by checking off a piece of paper. There are no real options for you to customize your ramen like other places as well. After you order, you are expected to pay at the same time.

I wasn't too interested in the lobster ramen that was advertised in the media. I just wanted something simple so ordered this: flame grilled rib char siu ramen in soy sauce broth ($98). The broth was pale in color and there was no depth of flavor other than salty. I'm wondering if they gave me the wrong broth? The egg was flavorless, though the yolk was still runny.

flame grilled char siu in soy sauce broth

The char siu didn't look too flame grilled. The char siu was ok. Tender without being too fat.

char siu

But it was the ramen. Did they just give me instant ramen? It looked like it. It had the same texture. The same taste. There was a horrible starchy after taste. It was soggy. Is this for real?

ramen noodle

Probably the worst ramen I've ever had in Hong Kong. The service was fine. Friendly, in fact. But the ramen? Starchy aftertaste. Over cooked. The soup just salty and not rich at all. Definitely overpriced instant noodle. I won't be back.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Baikonhken Ramen

Address: G/F, Tang Fai Building, 44 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

Service Charge: No

English Menu: Yes

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