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about the restaurant reviews

As I currently live in Hong Kong, I mainly will write about restaurants in Hong Kong. Thus, all prices are in Hong Kong dollars. For a general conversion rate, $1 Hong Kong dollar = $7 US dollars. Also, I will note if a 10% service charge is added or not as most restaurants in Hong Kong add this.

If I'm travelling abroad, I will use that countries currency.

All my ratings are out of five stars.

= I can't believe I wasted my stomach movement for this

= pretty terrible and won't go back. EVER. Even if last meal on earth.

★★ = below average but not terrible that I won't be back

★★★ = average but would be back if I was in the area or can't think of where to eat

★★★★ = above average and would be back and recommend to others

★★★★★ = so amazing my mind is blown and my brain is still trying to recover

I try to also post the restaurant's official website if I can find it as well as all address information so I hope you can find it.

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