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mademoiselle prive exhibition

I love fashion. I love clothes. Not just any clothes but intricately created clothing. Perfect tailoring. Lush fabrics. My guilty pleasure tv show is America's Next Top Model. I don't care how self centered it feels, I love watching all these models work it that runway and look fierce. When I heard that The House of Chanel was bringing their Mademoiselle Prive exhibition to Hong Kong, I WAS EXCITED.

Why? I think Karl Langerfeld is a genius. His work is astounding and to have a chance to look at haute couture, up close, was everything to me. Haute couture is not just clothes. It's art.


The tour started in London and was followed by Seoul. Hong Kong was it's third city and they had chosen PMQ as the place to showcase it. From January 13 to February 10, PMQ was transformed into The House of Chanel. For whatever reason, they require people to register to attend though it is free. Then they require you to download their app to get the ticket which you will then use at the event as a guided tour. Personally, I felt that was annoying to force you to download an app. And the app also forces you to turn on bluetooth. I do not know why.

the layout

Upon entrance, you enter into the Totems, a series of various items that have some significance to Coco Chanel.

the totems

In the center is this large white camellia. Grab yourself a paper flower to stick here and make a wish.


This was the best. A little robot with various numbers, all with significance to Chanel.

the lucky numbers

Then you enter a room called Chanel No.5. This was fun as you find this set of copper pipes with flasks. There are funnels for you to smell all the different scents to create that iconic fragrance, Chanel No. 5.

chanel no 5 room

But it's the second floor that is truly amazing. This floor showcases the clothes. First you are introduced to their iconic Chanel tweed suit. It then steps into how they use modern techniques such as 3D printing to create recent haute couture.

As there were so many beautiful dresses, I will highlight this one as it was wow. The beauty of how detailed the tailoring was. Combined with the fact they also mixed it with 3D printing was mind boggling to me.

beautiful tailoring

This was also a favorite. A dress made from wood shavings. It was like a moment in Project Runway.

wood shavings

Then we enter into a room filled with gorgeous dresses. I loved how it was displayed. Like light beams cutting through them all. A bit of Star Wars moment for me.

haute couture

This was followed by an area of really pretty jewelry. Shiny jewelry with this huge cage holding a huge jeweled necklace.

jewelry section

It all ends with a hilariouss short film about Karl Langerfeld meeting Coco Chanel and having her disapprove of his work. I thought it was funny.

Upon leaving, everyone receives a tote bag with a random poster of either Lily Rose, Pharell or G Dragon. You cannot choose but I was very happy to get Lily Rose.

tote bag and poster

The exhibition offered a series of workshops centered around how Chanel works. Things like embroidery and jewel design. I signed up for only one as the other workshops filled up quickly. My workshop was Lemarie Flower and Feather Maker. But the workshop didn't let you do actual embroidery but they did have someone from Paris come in and explain what they did. Everyone was given a tray of items so we could create our own designs. The items was a bag of fabric flowers, some beads, a pair of scissors, tweezers, fabric glue (that was very sticky) and organza cloth to stick all our flowers and beads on.

the materials

This is my creation after they helped me frame it in piece of cardboard. Pretty? Well, I think so.

my creation

Definitely worth checking out. It's free. Just register here. Exhibition ends February 10, 2018.

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