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yifang taiwan fruit tea

一芳台灣水果茶 (English name : Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea) is a popular bubble tea shop from Taiwan. With several shops in Taiwan and internationally, they recently did a pop-up shop in Hong Kong. With that success, they now opened an actual shop in Mong Kok's Langham Place. According to their background story, their tea was created by someone named Yifang who made a pineapple jelly sauce to create a refreshing tea for her husband. After that, it just took off, becoming one of Taiwan's most popular fruit based teas.

They have a menu of various teas in two sizes: medium and large. Menu is in English and Chinese. As each drink is handcrafted and there are a lot of customers, there is a long wait time. They even told us to come back in about 15 minutes after we made our order.


Yifang Fruit Tea ($30 medium size). I ordered the fruit tea as well ... that is what they are known for. The staff suggested it was very sweet and to half my amount of sugar added. I listened to them as they told me this twice. Why argue with the staff? And yes, they were correct. Even with half the sugar content, it was still pretty sweet. So sweet, I really couldn't taste the tea flavor? But it was pretty good. Inside wasa slices of orange, apple and passion fruit. But I felt the fruit was wasted so I popped open the lid and ate that, too. The orange was so sweet. And the apple was thin and crisp like a chip.

fruit tea

Pineapple Green Tea ($27 large size). Boyfriend ordered this as the background story of this place started with pinepple. And yes, there was a thick pineapple gel-like syrup on the bottom. It made the tea intensely flavored with the sweet flavor of this jelly. So intense, the taste of the tea was hard to taste. But you really taste the pineapple flavor.

pineapple tea

Rating: ★★★★★

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea (一芳台灣水果茶)

Address: Shop 20, 4/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok

Service Charge: No

English Menu: Yes

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