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hit the road

Hit the Road is an upstairs cafe that I used to eat there on an off and on basis for the past few years. It's been here forever and I love it from it's cute decor to it's wonderful carefully created food. But then new places open up and I went to other places to eat and haven't been back for at least 5 years.

store front

So, on one crisp day, I thought to myself ... is it still around? Considering places open and close in Hong Kong at such high frequency, I wasn't sure. And if it was still here, did quality change? Because as I've learned, places that were once great usually decrease in quality due to pressures of reality such as rent prices so sacrifices are made. I decided to find out. Located in Causeway Bay in a building right next to the Crown Plaza Hotel, is Hit the Road. You'll find the cafe is sweetly decorated with white and black lines to make it look cartoon like. It's airy and spacious with plenty of light. It hadn't changed since the first time I ate there.

Lunch has a lunch menu that includes a soup of the day and drink. Menu is in English and Chinese. There is 10% service charge but if you join their membership (which is free), that service charge is waived. You can add extra money to upgrade your drink.

The soup of the day was a pumpkin soup. It came with a hot crusty bread was great for dipping into the soup.

soup with bread

The soup was smooth with chunks of pumpkin. It was rich and savory. Simply fantastic.


I ordered the Halook Smokey Seafood Box served with dipping bread and fries ($125). If there was ever an Instagram friendly moment, here it is.

halook smokey seafood box

Unwrapping it was like a opening a present. Inside was a nice array of seafood that was not overcooked. The sauce was savory and salty with the taste of seafood. There were three piping hot mini buns that were tearable and tasted great. They were the perfect pieces for dipping into the seafood juices. The fries were shoestring and crispy. They were perfectly seasoned as well and ketchup was given! Yay for kethcup with fries! No ridiculous truffle mayo garbage I've been fed lately.

halook seafood box

I added $30 for a mint chocolate. This was not only pretty to look at but it was rich and chocolatey. There was a strong taste of mint as well. Not weak at all. Simply delish.

mint chocolate

Service was friendly enough. Place is still comfortable and cute. Food has not changed and is still delicious and carefully crafted. I'm so glad it hasn't changed and I will always be back.

Rating: ★★★★★

Hit The Road

Address: 15/F, Capital Commercial Building, 26 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Service Charge: Yes (unless you get the free membership card, then no 10%)

English Menu: Yes

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